Steps to Networking Your Computer Effectively and Efficiently

When owning a computer, an individual can network with other machines. Unfortunately, some computer users do not feel comfortable changing settings on their machine. Luckily, a person who is not a technological genius can make simple changes. Here are three steps to network your computer effectively and efficiently.

Decide: Before setting up everything up, one must decide what they want. Some people will need to connect their machines to play games while others want to share a printer. When deciding, one will (more…)

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16 June

Tips on Connecting Your Computer to a TV

Connecting your computer to a TV can be very simple if you have the right cable! Continue reading this article for tips on choosing the right cable to connect your computer to a TV.

A High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable or HDMI cable is the best choice for high quality connections. If you own a high definition TV, the HDMI connection will come standard. If you do not have a newer, media-centric computer, you may not have this connection. However, you can (more…)

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7 April

Clearing Your Internet Browser’s Cookies

There are many Internet browsers you can use on your computer. The most common browsers to use are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Cleaning your browser’s cookies is similar in each internet browser. Cookies are information that the websites you have visited gather and kept on your computer as text files. These files are often harmless and perfectly fine to keep on your computer, but something to remember is that these files store your personal information, such as your browsing history and what you did on those sites. Although it is likely that the cookies that are kept on your computer are harmless, it is wise to periodically clean your browser’s cookies to prevent companies from having access to this personal information, especially if it is information you are not comfortable with them having access to.

To clean your browser’s cookies you first need to open your internet browser and click on the Tools button. Then you will need to select the option from the drop-down list that says something similar to “clear browsing data” or “browsing history.” After clicking this button from the list, a dialog box will open and you will check the box that says cookies. Then click the button that says “delete” or “clear browsing data.” After you have done this, your browser’s cookies will have been cleaned.

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26 January

Steps to Successfully Signal Ping a Computer

“Pinging” is a term used when talking about bouncing a signal off a device on a network to confirm that it is connected. It is almost always the first step in troubleshooting issues with computers on a network. Ping essentially sends a small packet of information to the target device and waits for a reply from the device.

Here are some simple steps on how to ping one computer from another (on a windows PC):

1. On a Windows XP machine, Click the Run button on the Start Menu and enter the letters “CMD” (more…)

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11 June

Effectively Changing and Removing Your Computer Wallpaper

One of the first thins computer users want to learn how to do is customize their operating system. They want it to feel like it is their computer. When it comes with a stock background, icons, and text it sometimes can feel too much like a generic machine, and not like something that belongs to you.

Changing your computer background is the best way to quickly customize your computer. There are a few things to think about before you change it.Want more? Click (more…)

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9 June

How to Efficiently Clean a Computer Monitor

It used to be that you could just take a damp cloth and wipe something down. This was the best cleaning method that one could think of. Nowadays, it is something all together different. Asking for the best way to clean a computer monitor can be a tricky question. First, you have to know what kind of computer monitor you have. Then, you can proceed with instructions to clean it properly.

If you have a computer (more…)

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6 June

Tips for Cleaning Your Computer’s Registry Information

The PC registry can be a tricky place. PC users don’t have to go the registry much. When software is installed it automatically adds entries to the registry. This is just how it works for most programs.

When a user goes to the registry editor it can be difficult to really sort anything out. There are so many entries listed. This is why it is much better to simply have a registry editor cleaner. This is much easier than trying to run the regedit command on the command line.

There are some (more…)

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5 June

Locating Your Computer’s IP Address in Windows

An IP address is a unique number assigned to each computer connected to the internet. There may be times when you will be asked to provide this number to a technician or if you computer is to be accessed remotely. Here is how to find your IP address:

Windows XP or Vista

Go to start, run and type in CMD. This will open a command prompt window. At the prompt type “ipconfig”, HughesNet , this will list information about your internet connection. You will see a line that shows your IP address. This is a string of numbers separated by periods.

Windows 7

Go to start and type “CMD” in the search box. This will bring up a command prompt window. Follow the same instructions as above – at the prompt type “ipconfig”, you will see your IP address and other information.

A simple trick to finding your IP Address is to go to Google and search “my ip”. You will get a result at the top of the search page saying “Your public IP address is “ and your IP address will be there.

It’s important to know that depending on what type of internet service you are using, your IP address may change each time you access the internet.

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3 June